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Article: Different Ways to Organize Your Clothes

Different Ways to Organize Your Clothes

Everyone is unique and one way of organization isn’t necessarily going to work for all. Don’t read a how-to book on closet organization and feel that you must follow it to the letter. With any book of this nature, take from it what makes sense to you and then tailor it to suit your needs or wardrobe as the case is here. One way is to group all like items together, like your bottoms, tops, and sweaters, or you can group them according to category, work, home, or gym. Or take combine the two.

If your wardrobe is pretty consistent, meaning most of your clothes fall into one category (whether it is casual, business, or anything else), it might make sense to you to group all like items together. This method will allow you to pick one item from each grouping and you are ready to go with your outfit for the day. This gets a bit tricky if your wardrobe serves multiple purposes and it doesn’t make sense to group your track suit with your business suit.

If you fall into the latter category, have a separate section in your closet for your gym wear, casual weekend wear and your work clothes. Within these sections, you then should group all the pants, tops, etc. together to again make things as easy as possible for you. 

Other options for organizing include color coordination – group all of your black items together, blue, brown and so on. When you are folding your sweaters, make different piles for your heavy sweaters and light-weight sweaters so you can choose based on the weather for the day.

Choose a system that makes sense and will work for you - one that you are going to be able to maintain for the long-term.

Cheers to 2022 and better organization! 

❤️ ~Gen

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